Twista Products

Twista Pouch, made of genuine leather and hand crafted in Australia, holds Money and valuables secure with one twist.

Twista Products is home to the unique Twista pouch. This hand made leather money pouch/wallet/purse has a unique opening and closing action. A simple twist will lock it up tight, or open it. Go here› for more images and details.

Eumundi Markets Queensland, where you can purchase Twista Products and meet the makers.

Market Locations

We are primarily based in Eumundi markets Qld, but you can buy Twistas right around Australia.

We are a 100% Australian owned enterprise feel free to contact us either on 0438 793 178 or via email:



Stash your Cash

This Twista Pouch so neat and flat.
Will fit in your pocket no doubt about that.
Just twist to the left to open it so
And into your pouch your money will go
Now twist to the right to close it all tight
Your money is secure, yes thatŐs right.
Before you go I want you to know
This Twista Pouch of leather is made
And workmanship is all top grade.
Fair dinkum mate I nearly forgot
Its made in Australia thatŐs what.